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2021: top typefoodie recipes

We've (almost) made it to 2022, and before we enter into the new year I wanted to share our top recipes of 2021! These recipes were the most viewed by YOU and I might be biased, but I have to say that you all have great taste.

I can't wait to continue sharing recipes next year and helping to further share the idea that all food can be "diabetic friendly" when the right information is provided. Thank you for continuing to read and bake my recipes and I am so happy to have found more people living with diabetes who have a similar food outlook as I do, and to help those who don't live with diabetes to gain a bit more understanding.

Top Recipes of 2021

11. Cinnamon sugar pound cake

This cinnamon sugar pound cake took multiple rounds of iteration, and the end result is amazing! It has just the right amount of moisture thanks to a special ingredient, and cinnamon sugar flavor in every bite.

10. Reese's cookie bars

These bars were originally made for Halloween but can use any holiday Reese's (and I provide guidance on how to swap in any kind of peanut butter cup). They have a sugar cookie base and chocolate peanut butter in every bite with the best soft and chewy texture!

9. Cookie dough cheesecake bars

This is a favorite of my family's and for a reason. It has four delicious layers, a buttery graham cracker crust, semisweet chocolate, a layer of "cookie dough" and finally creamy cheesecake topped with chocolate chips. And best of all, it stores well in the freezer so it's a great bake ahead treat!

8. Birthday pound cake

This extra special pound cake is filled with buttery flavor and colorful sprinkles. Just like a birthday cake, it's toped with more rainbow sprinkles and has a delicious vanilla glaze.

7. Brown butter s'mores cookies

A favorite for summer but delicious all year round, these cookies are full of mini marshmallows, semisweet chocolate, crushed graham cracker, and an incredible flavor from the brown butter.

6. My favorite brownie recipe

These brownies, like the title says, are my favorite. They have a part chewy and part fudgy texture that is better than any boxed brownie. They have have a deep chocolate flavor, the classic shiny brownie crust, and are perfectly moist.

5. Chewy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

This cookie is perfectly crisp around the edges, there is chocolate in every bite, and the center is both chewy and soft. The recipe is a fun twist on the classic chocolate chip cookie and the dough comes together in a pinch.

4. 6 ingredient shortbread chocolate chip cookies

With only 6 ingredients required, these cookies could not be easier to make. They have an incredible buttery taste with a hint of salt and both a crisp and soft texture.

3. Brown butter and cinnamon oatmeal cookies

This cookie is bursting with brown butter and cinnamon flavor. The soft texture also allows the cookie to stay fresh for a few days, and the dough itself can also be easily frozen to be baked any time.

2. Brown butter chocolate chip cookies

A personal favorite of mine, and I couldn't be happier to see this near the top of the list! This recipe combines all of my favorite elements of a chocolate chip cookie into one. Once you make these cookies, I promise you'll want them again soon. I always have this dough in my freezer so that I can have my favorite fresh baked cookie any time.

1. M&M brown sugar cookies

A typefoodie community favorite, these are cookies I made special for a good friend's Birthday. They are filled with two types of M&Ms, mini and regular, and have the best brown sugar cookie base that creates crisp edges and a soft, gooey center.

I can't wait to see which recipes you love most next year and to keep creating! Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year, with lots of baking and cooking in your future.

Xx Hanna


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