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So nice to “meet” you! My name is Hanna and I live just in Boston, MA. If you can’t tell by now, I have a deep love for food. Though it has been a journey, Type 1 Diabetes has not stopped that. As a soon to be teenager when I received my diagnosis, the first thing I worried about was whether I would be able to enjoy the food I loved. 

As I learned more about how to manage my diabetes, I was frequently encouraged to eat food that was home cooked so that I would easily know how many carbs were in my meals making it easier to dose my insulin. What I soon learned was that if I wanted my food to taste good, it would be more complicated than I realized to understand how many carbs were in my tasty home cooked meals and treats. No plain grilled chicken and lettuce in this house.


Enter typefoodie! As I’ve searched for recipes online that have carb information readily available, the results have been scarce at best and what I do find is often not what I want to eat or not shared in a way that is useful for me. I wanted a place where I could find crave-worthy recipes that had carb information available for those who need it. These recipes, stories, and more are meant to be for all who love food, Type 1 Diabetic or not. If carbs aren't in your vocabulary, skip that part and get right to enjoying some great food! 

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