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Triple chocolate chip cookies

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

What's better than a chocolate chip cookie? Triple chocolate, of course! I based this recipe off of my favorite brown butter chocolate chip cookie recipe, but with a fun twist including three different types of chocolate. I used a combination of white, semisweet, and dark chocolate but milk would also be a great option to swap in for one of the three.

You'll start by browning your butter on the stovetop which leads to the most incredible flavor for your dough. These cookies have a chewy and gooey center, and are perfectly crisp around the edges. Unlike the original recipe, this one doesn't require freezing the dough but I will give you guidance on how to do that. I highly recommend only baking the dough you plan to enjoy that day and then scooping and freezing the rest. They'll still taste great the next day, but nothing beats a fresh baked cookie.

Though there is no required freeze time, it is crucial that you chill your dough before baking. Especially because your browned butter will be completely melted, this step is extra important in this recipe. I left mine to chill overnight, covered in the fridge and then left my dough out for about 30 minutes before scooping. This will allow your cookies to become the perfect texture, without spreading and being crispy.

Another switch from the recipe this is based off of is the use of all purpose flour only. If you happen to have bread flour in your pantry, you can swap in a cup of it for half of your all purpose flour and I think it leads to an even more incredible end product, but I made these with all purpose flour only and they were incredible.

When it comes to cookies, I think the two most important ingredients are butter and chocolate. If you want to splurge, I highly recommend using Plugra butter or another European style butter. The reason is because they have a higher fat content and will retain more liquid when you brown your butter.

The real star of the show here though is the chocolate. For this recipe, I used white chocolate disks from Valrhona, and the super cookie semisweet chips and dark chocolate chips from Guittard. I myself am not the biggest dark chocolate fan, but the combination of the three tastes amazing in this cookie. You could also swap in milk chocolate for either the white or dark chocolate depending on your preference. I know there are lots of white chocolate skeptics out there, but the balance of the three different types comes together in the best way. I also recommend making sure at least one of your chocolates is a chopped bar or large in size, but using chips for part of your selection will definitely work.

For scooping your cookie dough, your cookies should be about 2 1/2 to 3 tablespoons in size. I love these scoops from Cook'n Feel (I use the medium scoop usually for cookies) or this large scoop from Oxo.


  • 2 sticks (1 cup) unsalted butter 226g

  • 1 cup brown sugar 192g

  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar 96g

  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

  • 2 eggs

  • 1 egg yolk

  • 2 cups all purpose flour 240g

  • 1 teaspoon baking soda

  • 3/4 teaspoon salt

  • 12 oz / 2 cups total of three different types of chocolate (I chose white, semisweet, and dark) 340g

Total time: 7-24 hours including chill time

Prep time: About 20 minutes

Bake time: 10-12 minutes

Inactive chill time: 6-24 hours

Cooking instructions:

Brown your butter. Place your butter in a pot or pan (I recommend using a nonstick heavy bottomed pot) on the stovetop on a low to medium heat. After it melts, keep your stovetop on a medium heat and you'll hear it begin to crackle. Stir the melted butter and watch it carefully as it can burn easily. You'll start to smell a nutty aroma (you'll know it when it happens). Once you see the color turn to a light brown or amber, remove your pan from the heat and transfer your butter and all of the brown bits at the bottom into a large, heat proof bowl.

Add your brown and granulated sugar to your browned butter. Use a whisk to together to help further cool your butter and to fully combine your sugar into the butter.

Add in your vanilla extract and continue to whisk and then set aside for about five minutes to allow your mixture to cool more.

Meanwhile, in a separate small bowl, crack two eggs and add an additional egg yolk. Add one egg at a time to your butter and sugar mixture. Note: before doing this, if your butter and sugar mixture feels too warm, you can place it in the fridge for about 5 minutes before combining to avoid scrambled egg cookies :)

Next, use a spatula to fold in your dry ingredients, flour, baking soda, and salt, to your butter mixture.

When your dough has almost formed, stir in your chocolate, chopping beforehand if you haven't already, and ensure they are evenly distributed, mixing only as much as necessary. Once your dough has formed and your chocolate is evenly dispersed, cover your cookie dough and place in the fridge for at least six hours to overnight. I highly recommend leaving your dough to chill overnight if time, and patience, allows.

When you're ready to bake, remove your dough from the fridge. If you left it for the full chill time, it should be extremely firm to the touch so allow about 30 minutes for it to sit at room temperature.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

Line large cookie sheets with parchment paper and use a large scoop or spoon to portion out your dough (it should make 22 cookies at about 2 1/2 - 3 tablespoons each) and place the portioned dough spaced out onto your lined cookie sheet.

Bake your cookies for 10-12 minutes. Remove your cookie sheet from the oven. Allow them to cool, and enjoy!

Additional cooking and storing information:

If you don't think you'll finish the batch right away, I highly recommend freezing your dough so you can bake some of the cookies later on. To do this, place your scooped cookie dough onto a baking sheet and into the freezer for 12-24 hours. Then, transfer your frozen dough to a plastic bag or airtight container and store in the freezer. From frozen, you can bake your cookies at 325 for 13-16 minutes.

You can store the baked cookies in an airtight container once cooled for about 3 days. If you do eat a cookie the day after being baked, place it into the microwave for about 5-10 seconds to refresh it. I cannot emphasize enough though how much I recommend keeping the dough frozen and baking the amount you want to eat that night or day, because you just cannot beat the experience of fresh baked cookies!

Carb and serving info:

Servings: 22 cookies

Carbs per serving: 31

Carbs for full recipe: 682

Carbs from chocolate: 195 (adjust this if you use a different type of chocolate!)

Note: Carb information is calculated based on the specific ingredients I used to cook with to help guide my own insulin to carb ratio when dosing before I eat my home cooked recipes.

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Saadiyah Hansbhai
Saadiyah Hansbhai
17 de mai. de 2022

ok so when I added the dry mix to the wet mix, the dough was quite sticky and not forming into a nice almost-dough. I refrigerated it for about 1.5 hours maybe and then baked a few and they have spread like crazy...😥

Saadiyah Hansbhai
Saadiyah Hansbhai
17 de mai. de 2022
Respondendo a

so im beginning to suspect I added only 140g of flour loll I added some more and gonna try again later to bake a few and see how it goes. 😅


Saadiyah Hansbhai
Saadiyah Hansbhai
16 de mai. de 2022

Hi! does the butter need to cool at all before adding sugars to it?

17 de mai. de 2022
Respondendo a

It does not need to cool before, though you’ll want to make sure it’s not too hot when you add your eggs!

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